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Comprehensive strategies adding demonstrable value
Affinity Schemes
Many affinity groups and professional organisations are looking for ways to simultaneously increase revenue while providing value for their members. Mike Henry boasts New Zealand's leading professional adviser in the field, in the form of Executive Director Jason Harkness.

Critically we allow our clients to implement group and individual life and health benefits without increasing their staff or budget. Doing so helps them attract, retain and empower members with personalised benefits choices and portability.

Mike Henry has the experience and expertise to develop and deliver a comprehensive and personalised strategy that adds demonstrable value to the member benefits portfolio. We are leaders in product design with a history of developing and launching innovative products designed for the association marketplace.

Features of our Affinity services include:
  • Assessing a variety of insurers to offer competitive selection and pricing
  • Integrating research-based education, easy-to-understand materials, helpful online tools, and useful ongoing support to ensure effective communication that elicits results
  • Providing consolidated billing options with association branding prominently displayed
  • Using new e-commerce capabilities to allow for policy holder self-service and click-to-bind functionality
We have a proven track record of working with:
  • Professional associations
  • Trade associations
  • Not-for-profit organisations
  • Sports organisations

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