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Customised risk and insurance solutions for complex exposures
Corporate & Enterprise Team
Our Corporate & Enterprise practice was established to serve to the specific needs of New Zealand's largest companies, creating customised risk and insurance outcomes across often complex and demanding exposures. It is staffed by some of this country's most respected and experienced brokers who are proven in the field.

Mike Henry is resourced to offer the most comprehensive and holistic programme of risk and insurance services in the market, including:
  • Insurance programme design and execution
  • Risk Governance advice and board training
  • Enterprise risk management
  • Global insurance market access
  • Market analysis and presentation
Pre-Lending & Mergers & Acquisitions & IPO
A feature of corporate markets, Mike Henry is well geared to deliver pre-lending reviews, due diligence, post merge, and IPO readiness for risk and insurance arrangements to the New Zealand business community. We are able to provide bespoke broking solutions to meet the risks inherent in transactions, enabling potential liabilities to be ring-fenced and to facilitate the timely completion of the transaction for all parties. Our integrated risk management services serve to identify otherwise unseen risks, and to position the entity for growth and access to capital.

Strategic Risk Financing
As organisations become larger and more complex, they need to better understand the allocation of their insurable risks between parties such as shareholders, co-parties, capital providers, and the insurance markets. By developing a risk financing model, the organisation's strategy to financing insurable enterprise risk will be aligned to its core business objectives. This ensures the optimal mix of direct source capital and the insurance capital markets.

Our Corporate and Enterprise Practice is directly overseen by our CEO.

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