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For most of us, our house is our single most valuable asset. Home insurance covers you for losses to the house structure itself. The damage covered by house insurance is most commonly due to fire, landslips, flooding or earthquake.

You might believe the chance of something like this happening may be small where you live, but recent events show that no place in New Zealand is immune to natural disaster losses. Over recent years, our country has seen earthquakes, slips, floods, snowstorms and tornados.

When any of these disasters strike, your potential losses are massive. So talk to the experts at Mike Henry to make sure you get the home insurance that covers you for the real risks you face. You have a wide choice of types of home insurance cover, for example:

Replacement sum house insurance
This can cover you for accidental loss and damage policy or for a defined event only, depending on your situation.

Indemnity* sum house insurance
Cover for defined events only, limited to indemnity value.

Tenanted house insurance
Accidental loss and damage cover for your tenanted property.

Holiday house insurance
The cover depends on where home is and how often you visit it, among other things.

* Indemnity value insurance aims to return you to the same financial position as immediately before the loss occurred.

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