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Simple yet highly effective insurance programmes for New Zealand businesses
New Zealand Small Business Team
In addition to our primary agricultural and tourism sector, small businesses are the engine room of our economy. New Zealand's smaller organisations are agile, smart, and efficient. They are the undisputed greatest source of the most innovative and creative approaches to business and business problems. Equally, they have unique challenges and are often constrained for capital, networks, and subsequently for growth.

Mike Henry has a specialist team to help small businesses understand their risks, and deliver simple yet highly effective insurance programmes; all managed and supported in a holistic 'one stop shop' solution.

We aim to deliver:
  • Cost-effective insurance & solutions
  • Snapshot assessments of your risk
  • Competitive insurance markets that offer you genuine choice
  • Ease of transaction and prompt claim settlement
  • Helpful ways to support your growth
Small and medium business owners don't want to have to be insurance experts. That's our job. Yours is to get back to your business.

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