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Mike Henry has the structure to support any public sector programmes
Public Sector
The New Zealand public sector - central government functions, their agencies, and public entities - is affected by a diverse and fluid risk profile; reflective of the multi-faceted and varied organisations in its fold. Change is a constant in the sector, as government policy, public opinion and delivery models are adjusted. In addition it is not immune to the financial climate as evidenced by the head count reductions to public services in the 2009 -2011 period.

The Mike Henry Public Entities practice is structured to support the complexity of issues that arise for these organisations across multiple streams such as core functions as found within departments and ministries, alongside 'non-core' government functions such as State Owned Enterprises and Crown Research Institutes operating across energy, utility, commercialisation & distribution, and health institutions.

Many require 'corporate' governance and operating models due to their status as owners of major assets, large scale employers; and are publicly accountable through the potential of injunctions, local government liability, and challenges and torts arising from compliance and enforcement activities.

The Securities Commission's Guidelines and Principles for Corporate Governance is explicit in that it applies to public entities and given the added 'political risk' element common to all such entities, adoption of these principles is increasingly important.

The Mike Henry public entities practice offers:
  • Managing local and centralised insurance arrangements
  • Development of robust risk management systems
  • Development of risk and insurance remedies including identification, auditing and advice
  • Boardroom advice and training
  • Collectives & group programme development
  • Our claims management systems

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