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Comprehensive protection for your travel
Quite often organisations do not realise the diverse protection that travel insurance offers. In fact, sound policies will provide protection for your trip, your possessions and your health, and although once an "add-on", it is now a fundamental requirement for today's traveller.

Being in a foreign country and finding yourself afflicted with any number of uncontrollable and adverse circumstances can impact on your ability to continue your trip, force you to seek emergency services and medical assistance; or even force you to return home. Finding yourself - or your staff - in this position without adequate insurance may simply threaten not just your purse, but your pulse!

Mike Henry travel insurance is specifically designed to protect you in all manner of situations such as:
  • You need to cancel your trip due to illness or other circumstances out of your control
  • Your trip is disrupted because your passport or travel documents are lost or stolen
  • The airline goes bankrupt. You need your non-refundable expenses covered and to get to your destination
  • You or one of your family members travelling with you has a medical emergency in a foreign country
  • Your bags are lost or delayed
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